Rewards for Reps!


That is right, now you get rewarded for your workouts. Unlike some of those other gyms, we want our members to workout as often as possible, so if getting to your goal is not rewarding enough, here is how you can get rewarded for your effort!

Earning Activities

Refer a Friend
+500 points
Upgrade to Results Plan
+400 points
Upgrade to Essentials Plan
+300 points
ACH on file for Monthly Billing
+200 points
Gym Anniversary
+100 points
+50 points
PT Session Completed
+5 points
Gym Check-In
+3 points
$1 Spend In-Club Purchases
+1 points

What can I redeem with my rewards?

Glad you asked! This is where it gets even better. Inside of our members only reward store you’ll be able to use your points on:

Hotels, Merchandise as well as Sweepstakes where we give away cool gear and sometimes even trips!

Do I have to have points in order to redeem rewards?

Great question, NO, while we give all of our members points so you will have some, there is also an awesome section called Instant Deals where you can get discounts on “Event Tickets”, “Resort Stays” and even “Local Deals” where we work with tons of local businesses to provide our amazing members with discounts on every day purchases!

Our goal is for our members to save more money through rewards than the cost of their membership making it a no brainer to be a member!

Ok, but do my points expire?

No! Your points are yours to use as long as you stay an active member.