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We take the term “Affordable Luxury” very seriously at TruFit. With top-of-the-line equipment, programming and amenities, you’ll get a next-level experience every time you walk through our doors.

You + Tru = The Unstoppable YOU

Like you, we know how may curve balls life can throw our way, so we’ve built a gym to make sure you GRAND SLAM your fitness!

  • I can't afford a gym membership... For as low as 33 cents a day you can be a member!
  • I don't want a long term contract... YOU SHOULDN'T! All of our memberships are month to month and include a 7 day free trial!
  • I don't have anyone to watch my kids... SAY LESS! We've got you! Our TruKids club team will make sure you're kiddos are safe and happy while you get your you time in!
  • I don't have a normal schedule... We don't either! We work when people work and when they don't work! With at least one location in each community we serve that's open 24 hours during the week! You'll have no problem getting your workouts in!
  • I don't know how to use the equipment... SAY LESS! We've got you! We have the best coaches around to make sure you know how to use the equipment you need to get the most out of your membership. Also, all of our teammates are just as passionate about building a more powerful you, so if you have a question, we're here to help!

Not a member yet? Let’s get you started on your unstoppable fitness journey!


Throwing workout parties 7 days a week, with multiple types of each genre like cardio, resistance, mind & body, yoga, and cycle.


Combo6 is a total body Boxing/Fitness Workout.
This 33 min circuit style workout is led by certified coaches in an “Open House” style schedule.
New Rounds begin every 3 minutes – show up anytime during open hours to start your FUN, FAST Full Body workout.
(bring hand wraps and gloves for best experience)


Take on the challenge of burning 1,000 calories in 1 hour. You’ll hit the treadmill, rower, and resistance train, all in one powerful experience.


It’s like a gym inside a gym made just for women! With convenient access to the women’s locker room, you’ll feel 100% comfortable in our women-only area.


We got your kids, you do you.


Flip a tire, run on the S Drive Treadmill (What’s that?!), we have all the gym equipment you need for your workout, and all the free space to stretch, run, jump and push a sled.


Miles of cardio & loads of variety, socially distanced for your safety!


Free Weights, Machines & Everything in-Between so you can get your workout in without having to wait!


Relax, decompress, and enjoy a massage daily.


Shoot around or join a pickup game. We’ve got it all, including balls, no need to bring yours.


Swim laps or water aerobics, we got you covered just bring your bathing suit.