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At TruFit, our mission is to revolutionize the image of the fitness club experience. Built on a foundation of non-negotiable core values, our team wakes up each day with the purpose of “Building a More Powerful You!”


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Women's only workout area

A fun, safe environment for your most beloved workout buddy!


Our TruTrainers lead you in a personalized experience that gets results!



We got your kids, you do you.

Group Fitness

Throwing workout parties 160+ times a week!

HIIT Classes

These coach-led group workouts combine boxing, kick-boxing, strength training, core exercises and cardio to deliver an experience like no other.


Over 37 locations and new locations coming soon. Amenities vary by location. See your location for a full list of amenities.



"I was never a runner, I was just an office person. I was sitting down and sedentary with health problems. So that's why I decided to join a fitness center. Now I'm 59 years old and an ULTRA Runner. I've run long distances but I was getting hurt so I met up with Luis, my Personal Trainer at TruFit, and he's been helping me develop my muscles to get them stronger and to avoid any of the recurring injuries I was getting. It's amazing, I wasn't even planning on losing weight but I went from 174 down to 155 in a matter of 6 to 8 weeks. You're never too old to come to the gym. I love this gym because nobody judges you. I'm hitting 60 this year and I feel fit, have no medical issues, and I only have to see my Dr. once a year instead of every 3 months. I LOVE TRUFIT!"

Francisco - Real Tru Fit Member

"My friend told me about TruFit, I tried it out and became a member myself. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was 20 lbs overweight, pre-diabetic, didnt feel good and just wanted to take charge of my life again and be a better mom for my kids. I love coming to TruFit, it's a way for me as a single mom to get my workout in, my kids love the facility [TruKids] it's just a great place for them to come and hang out with other kids."

Carmeeshia Real Tru Fit Member

"The gym I went to previous, it was just not the environment I wanted to be in, I didnt find the ladder that I wanted to step on to keep climbing. Coming to TruFit has really changed my life. If you haven't come to TruFit, I believe you you should come take your chance and get right with TruFit!"

Jordan - Real Tru Fit Member