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We take the term “Affordable Luxury” very seriously at TruFit. With top of the line equipment, programming and amenities, you’ll get a next level experience every time you walk through our doors.


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The "not so" fine print

We are excited to announce our newly revised gym guest policy, which now requires all guests to be 18 years of age or older in order to access our facilities either through a guest pass or as a registered guest. This policy update ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for all members while maintaining the integrity of our services.
Guests Must Be 18 Years or Older to Access the Facilities on a Guest Pass or As a Guest.



"I was never a runner, I was just an office person. I was sitting down and sedentary with health problems. So that's why I decided to join a fitness center. Now I'm 59 years old and an ULTRA Runner. I've run long distances but I was getting hurt so I met up with Luis, my Personal Trainer at TruFit, and he's been helping me develop my muscles to get them stronger and to avoid any of the recurring injuries I was getting. It's amazing, I wasn't even planning on losing weight but I went from 174 down to 155 in a matter of 6 to 8 weeks. You're never too old to come to the gym. I love this gym because nobody judges you. I'm hitting 60 this year and I feel fit, have no medical issues, and I only have to see my Dr. once a year instead of every 3 months. I LOVE TRUFIT!"

Francisco - Real Tru Fit Member

"My friend told me about TruFit, I tried it out and became a member myself. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was 20 lbs overweight, pre-diabetic, didnt feel good and just wanted to take charge of my life again and be a better mom for my kids. I love coming to TruFit, it's a way for me as a single mom to get my workout in, my kids love the facility [TruKids] it's just a great place for them to come and hang out with other kids."

Carmeeshia Real Tru Fit Member

"The gym I went to previous, it was just not the environment I wanted to be in, I didnt find the ladder that I wanted to step on to keep climbing. Coming to TruFit has really changed my life. If you haven't come to TruFit, I believe you you should come take your chance and get right with TruFit!"

Jordan - Real Tru Fit Member