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Why Group Fitness at TruFit ROCKS!

Hii! How is everyone doing this week?! I know I’ve been super busy with going back to work, personal outings, and of course my schedule at TruFit. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and we came to the conclusion that our lives honestly revolve around our workouts. We do NOT make excuses. The only acceptable excuse to miss a workout is work. But even then, at TruFit, I have the opportunity to work out early (plenty of time before the workday) and/or after work—anytime after 5 pm. So I guess, really, I don’t have an excuse. It has become part of my everyday lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier!

I hope y’all have stayed true to your SMART goals and New Year resolutions! Remember, it takes 21 days to make something a habit. I’m actually working on my very own 21-day healthy living habit. I’ll let you know if I succeed or not! However, by the end of January, y’all should definitely be considered a gym-goer for more than 21 days.


I read that quote on Instagram the other day and it really meant something to me. You can’t complain that you’re out of shape or overweight if you aren’t willing to make those necessary life changes in order to better yourself. There are ONLY two components you have to take seriously in order to make the lifestyle change to a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER you. 

Ready to hear them? Ready to hear the two phrases that will CHANGE your life for the better—and I’m living proof that it’s true! It’s WORKOUT and EAT HEALTHIER! …DAS IT!

Each of those components is composed of many little steps you can take in order to create a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER you. The hardest part for me—and probably for many others—is eating healthy. I have NO problems getting up at 5:00am am for an early morning workout at TruFit. I don’t ever dread my workouts either. 

At TruFit, workouts are way more fun with my fitfam.  TruFit has ALL the group exercise classes you could want. BEFORE you stop reading because I said the dreaded “group exercise” words, this is NOT your typical group-exercising gym!

What you need to do is stop being self-conscious and stop thinking everyone is looking at you. Don’t take this the wrong way, but NO. ONE. CARES! (Except your trainer of course.) We, as members, are there to workout and better ourselves.

Surprisingly, TruFit’s group classes focus on individuals. YES, group classes can focus on individuals. Each class comes with a single, but very educated, trainer. I mean, these people truly know their stuff!

I never thought I would be into the whole group exercise aspect of working out, either. I kept thinking, “people are going to look at me, people are going to talk too much, I’m not going to be given form correction when necessary, and basically, I just don’t like people.” 

MAN, WAS I WRONG! I truly am SO GLAD I was! Some of my dearest friends are TruFit members. It’s kinda hard to imagine life without them. OK, I’m done with the mushy gushy nonsense. Back to the workout aspects of group fitness!

Like I said before, working out at TruFit has truly benefited me in more ways than one. It’s definitely taught me that punctuality is an important aspect of life. Because group classes run on a tight schedule, it is super important to be there at least 5 minutes before the class starts. You don’t want to miss the warm-up exercises, thus increasing your chances of injury! 

At TruFit, you actually want to get there at least 5 minutes early so that you can chit chat with fellow members and probably complain about how tough the workout will be (HA, just kidding)! But seriously, we look forward to working out with each other on a regular basis. When someone isn’t there, it throws the whole team/family out of whack. Not to mention the motivational competitiveness of it all. 

I’ve got a particular workout buddy that I rely on to push me to my limits. You typically won’t see one without the other. Her strength is deadlifting (ugh, kill. me. now) whereas I can squat for days! She’ll push me to deadlift 120lbs when I really just want to stick to the baby weight of 95lb. That 95lb won’t get me the hamstrings or butt I want, so why bother? 

Yeah, exactly. That’s what I have to remind myself every time homegirl throws two 35lbs on a 45lb barbell (insert my FAVORITE eye-rolling emoji here). When you’re working out with someone who has about the same strength as you, it makes workouts more challenging.  “How much are you going to lift? Can we go heavier?” That friendship holds each of us accountable for making the most of our workouts.

That being said, with group fitness classes, you grow to know everyone, thus creating friendships based on a healthy commonality: WORKING OUT! DUH! You want positive, encouraging friends who are going to push you to your limits, help you grow with your fitness journey, and support you in all aspects of health and fitness. 

The members at  TruFit are the reason we all stay. You can’t understand the concept from the outside, you have to come in and experience it for yourself. It truly is like no other! Not only do you get to know your fellow workout partners, but you also get the opportunity to know your trainers. These people are super important to me and my fitness journey. 
They’ve come to know my strengths and weaknesses. Every time I want to take a break, I’ve got somebody encouraging me to KEEP GOING! Mind over matter right?! Our trainers are also very conscientious of modifications when necessary. Knowing your trainers on a more personal level also helps with correctional instructions. I trust them to help me achieve my fitness goals and helps me not hurt myself with bad form when performing certain exercises.

All classes at TruFit are NO joke! You walked in that door to make a change. You might as well put in the work necessary to see that change. I hope y’all take the time to check us out if you’re in the great state of Texas. We enjoy new members!

-Peace, Love, and TruFitness

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