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TruKids Reopening FAQ

Member FAQ’s 

TruKids will be available to members on Monday 7.6.20. 

Occupancy and accommodations have been made to facilitate social distancing. 

TruKids will TEMPORARILY operate with the following hours: 

• Monday through Friday from 8am – 1pm & 4pm – 8pm 

• Saturday from 8am – 12pm 

• Sunday – Closed Hours have been adjusted for safety and enhanced cleaning protocols during this first phase of re-opening. 

Members can utilize TruKids for a maximum of 11⁄2 hours per day. (temporary) 

What extra measures is TruFit taking to clean and disinfect in the TruKids area? 

• Our TruKids Staff will continue to perform our standard cleaning processes with an added focus on ensuring that high-touch surfaces are cleaned at least every hour. 

• We will be performing enhanced deep cleaning protocols using CDC recommended disinfectants (safe for children) during the mid-day closures and at closing each evening. 

• We have removed smaller toys and difficult-to-clean items from our spaces and closed down equipment that is difficult to disinfect. 

How is TruFit helping to ensure that Members, Children or TruFit Employees who are in the TruKids area are not sick? 

• All children entering the TruKids area will be required to have a temperature check performed by the TruKids Staff (TruFit Employees and Members will be required to have a temperature check at the front desk to enter the TruFit facility) 

• Kids in MASKS – MAY be required and ONLY where applicable due to local ordinance. Masks will be required as per any locally mandated policy requiring masks and according to that age requirement. 

• Members, Children or TruFit Employees with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be admitted. 

• TruKids Staff will review a questionnaire with each Member as part of the check in procedure for the TruKids area 

• We will continue to abide by our Exclusion of Team Member and Sick Child policy 

• If a Member, child or TruFit Employee has a cough, fever or shortness of breath, we request that they remain at home 

• If a child in our space is exhibiting signs of illness, they will be removed from other children, and we will contact their parents immediately 

• If a child is sent home due to a high temperature or other symptoms, they may return once they have a health care provider’s note. They must be fever-free without medication for 24 hours before being readmitted 

• If a Member or child’s immediate family member has a confirmed COVID-19 case, the Member or child will not be allowed to check into the TruKids area for at least two weeks from the date that the family member was diagnosed 

• If a TruFit Employee has a confirmed COVID-19 case, the TruFit Employee will not be allowed to return to work until Employee meets the requirements of the internal TruFit policies concerning a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. 

How are you keeping the Children and safe while they are in the TruKids area? 

• At the TruKids check-in desk, the TruKids Staff will wear a mask and gloves in accordance with TruFit policies. 

• All Members, children and TruFit Employees will use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the TruKids area. 

• Children will use hand sanitizer and be encouraged to wash hands while in the TruKids area. 

• Hand washing signage will be posted in the bathrooms and children will be encouraged to follow hand washing guidelines. 

• We will incorporate appropriate social distancing requirements in the TruKids area. We will focus on activities that allow for safe spacing in TruKids area. Siblings will be allowed to be within 6 feet of each other. Otherwise, we will make our best efforts with reminders to children about safe social distancing. 

• We will be making our best efforts to ensure the children do not have toys or their hands in their mouth. 

• We will be utilizing signs, stickers or tape markers to identify safe distancing for children. 

• We ask that parents and guardians do not proceed past the TruKids check in area. • While waiting to check a child in or out of the TruKids area, we ask that Members follow the 6-foot distancing rules.


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