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Staying True to your Resolutions

Week 4 of the New Year! Mind-boggling right?! How are y’all doing in regard to YOUR fitness journey this New Year? Are you still on board with those SMART goals we created? Everyone should be nodding YES! It’s WAY TOO early for y’all to even be contemplating faltering on your new fitness lifestyle!

“Don’t let your money go to the gym without you this year!” Everyone has had his or her first day in the gym or his or her first day at TruFit. Yours might have happened around the New Year! SO WHAT?! So long as that YOU are staying true to YOU and YOUR fitness goals, the time in which you start does NOT matter! You’re there to create a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER you! At  TruFit, we are continuously welcoming new members into our #fitfam! We enjoy spreading our passion for fitness to members near and far! Come check us out if you’re in the area!

Remember how I mentioned making “fitness” the umbrella of your resolutions this year? YEAH! Still totally possible, but don’t forget to create those goals that will make you a better person on the inside… LIKE EATING HEALTHIER! Ha! Gotcha! Y’all thought I was going to dive deep into some philosophical and moralistic spiel about bettering the person you are on the inside… WELL, I may. But I’ll spare you the details. For example, I made three or four resolutions this year; not only to better myself, but to better myself for those I interact with on a daily basis. “Kindness is always fashionable!” Remember that!

“The FRIDGE is a CLEAR example of that what really MATTERS is on the INSIDE!”

I can’t even lie about it! I, too, have been struggling in the clean eating department. But I’ve seen my own progress before my eyes and I know what it takes to get there! I want YOU to reach your goals as well. Working out is only half of the battle… the remaining half is eating healthy! REMEMBER my “Nix the Fad Diet” blog? Yeah, go re-read that for a refresher! When I was looking over my daily food log, I noticed that I was slacking in the veggie department. No joke, I don’t really even like veggies that much. BUT! I eat them because I KNOW they are really beneficial to your mental health, your physical health, AND duh, they help make you grow big and strong! OR was that old saying about milk? Regardless, we all know that vegetables MUST be a part of your everyday diet.

Even though you eat clean, if you’re anything like me, you can’t help but sometimes feel unsatisfied with your food cravings. Thus, leading you to potentially cheat on your clean diet and grab that bag of Doritos from the back of the pantry. DON’T DO IT! If you’re watching your caloric intake, trying to maintain your current figure, or looking to lose weight, surprisingly, veggies are a vital key to that success! You want to fit a serving of veggies into all of your meals and a majority of your snacks! Most vegetables are high in FIBER! Fiber is a micronutrient that keeps you feeling fuller longer; reducing the unnecessary “feeling” of being hungry. Fiber also helps keep your digestive system healthy and regulate your blood sugar levels.

I snack 24/7. And no, I’m not over-exaggerating or lying to y’all. I snack on clean eats and fiber-filled foods. One serving of raw carrots contains 1.2grams of fiber for ONLY 25 calories. You can betcha that I eat a serving of raw carrots at least 3 times a week. And to make it a tad more appetizing, I dip them in approx. 2 TBSP of my all-time favorite HUMMUS – Roasted Pine Nut Hummus to be exact! Other FIBER filled veggies include: cooked artichokes with 10.3grams of fiber per serving, cooked peas (YUCK) 8.8grams of fiber per serving, boiled broccoli (YUM) with 5.1 grams of fiber per serving, and sweet corn with 4.0grams of fiber per serving (I’m on the fence with my opinion of corn… I could take it or leave it).

Coming from someone who truly isn’t veggies biggest fan, I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate them into my daily meals and snacks; that way I don’t have to eat LOTS… and LOTS of veggies in one sitting. For example, I add approximately 1 cup of baby spinach leaves in my egg whites/1 egg morning omelets. I honestly can’t stand eating spinach: one of the world’s healthiest foods. But if I put spinach in my omelets and in my special morning smoothies, I can hardly taste it. #WINNING!  At only 7 calories a cup, I would have to be a moron not to add this leafy green to my daily diet. Even Popeye could house an entire can of spinach every episode. Props to that guy! Not only does eating spinach help make you SUPER strong, it also helps protect against inflammatory problems, oxidative stress-related problems – spinach is rich in antioxidant nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and manganese – cardiovascular problems, bone issues, and various cancers ALL at the SAME time. OKAY, OKAY, so maybe I will be giving more thought and effort into this little leafy green miracle. 

Carrots, broccoli, and spinach are not the only veggies I incorporate in my daily diet. Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes top my veggie chart too! I have asparagus with my breakfast and dinner meals. Yes, breakfast! Asparagus is high in protein AND fiber, making it decently filling. It also has 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin K – Vitamin K assists in keeping your bones strong. With strong bones (and proper form), you’re less likely to break a bone during an intense workout: whether that be weight training or HIIT training. I perfected a way to cook and actually enjoy heating them: 

Preheat the oven to 400. 
Place 10-12 pieces of asparagus on a line cookie sheet. 
Spray the asparagus with PAM Olive Oil Cooking spray. 
THEN, shake roughly 3 TSP of garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and creole seasoning over the asparagus pieces and place in the oven for approx.. 20 minutes. 
Then voilà! SO DELICIOUS! 

Those aren’t the only veggies to eat on a regular basis! Don’t forget about celery (goes great with peanut butter), cabbage, onions, bell peppers, green beans, cauliflower, tomatoes (YUCK), edamame, etc. There are a wide variety of veggies in which you can ensure to get your daily serving. You just have to find what works best for you!

I notice a difference in my workouts depending upon what I have eaten the day before. If I have eaten a “cheat” meal … or snack … or both, I know I will work EXTRA hard in the gym the following day. Not just extra hard for mental sake, but my body will be lacking the proper nutrients it needs to power through an intense workout. Getting my eating back on track, including eating my necessary daily servings of veggies, will put my workouts back on track. With a clean diet, including veggies, your body is able to make those positive changes you wish to see: tone your muscles, lose excess body fat, and create a HAPPIER/HEALTHIER you!

All this food talk has made me hungry. Definitely going to snack on some carrots and hummus or maybe some “asparagus chips!” Keep chuggin’ along! I promise you that if you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions of a HAPPIER/HEALTHIER you (including your clean diet), you WILL BE that change you wish to see!

-Peace, Love, and TruFit

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