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Moderation Is Key

Hey ya’ll! This week’s topic of conversation seems to be diets. Whether it is fad diets or just healthy eating everyone has their two cents to put in. Some say oh you can’t eat that or you need to try this! While others say this is better than that but you should never eat this! You can’t get away from it – nutrition is life.

Nutrition can be a very sensitive subject for some people and an all-consuming subject for others. It is also the biggest struggle for people in their fitness lifestyle. (Remember it’s a lifestyle, not a one and done.) People have the mindset that ‘I work out so I can eat whatever I want’ – but guess what?! That’s not how that works. What you put into your body is extremely important. Your fitness lifestyle should be anywhere from 70-80% nutrition and 30-20% exercise. How you fuel your body is going to affect how you exercise.

Now with all that being said – don’t think you can only eat certain things day in and day out. MODERATION IS KEY! You can treat yourself on your “cheat day”. As long as you are eating at least 70-80% clean – meaning no processed foods, no white breads or white flour, and no sugary food – you are doing better than you think.

So contrary to popular belief you don’t have to eat ONLY chicken and veggies to be fit; you don’t have to eat PALEO to be fit; and you don’t have to cut out all CARBS to be fit. You just need to eat 70-80% clean to be healthy and fit. Stick to the healthiest version of the foods you like and you are on the right track. Stay away from those processed items, “bleached” items and anything high in sugar or salt/sodium. There is an alternative to everything these days!

Choose your snacks wisely, read labels (and research if you don’t know something) and food prep to stay on track. Drink plenty of water throughout your day. We are all human and have cravings for unhealthy treats. [If you want to get into more detail about why you are craving what you are craving, google it. Your body is low in something which is why you are craving certain things. Just find the healthy alternative. Indulge in that craving every once in a while or you will drive yourself crazy. Just remember – MODERATION IS KEY!

-Peace Love & TruFit

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