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IT’S CHRISTMAS! Give me ALL the cookies!

Happy Holidays FitFam near and far! Just 1 more day until Christmas! Anyone else watch Elf at least twice in the past week and a half? “SANTAAAA!! I KNOW HIMM! I KNOW HIM!” Cracks me up every time! 2020 will be here before we know it, but just because the holiday season is truly upon us that doesn’t give you the excuse to slack on your fitness journey. Keep your momentum going through the new year!

Remember the NOT-so-fun-FACT about the holidays? “The average American will gain 7-10lbs during the holiday season.” WELL HELLO! We are currently still in the holiday season… Don’t let yourself fall into that statistic. Hopefully you’ve been staying true to your S.M.A.R.T. goals you set before Thanksgiving, but here are some tips to help you stay on your fitness journey through the rest of the holidays. Apply those 5 Steps into your Christmas Day routine and even your New Years Eve/Day activities: 

1. Skip the seconds

2. Don’t starve yourself

3. Avoid the couch

4. Substitutions

5. Easy on the drinks

I feel like we should call these, “The 5 Golden Rules to Fit Holidays.” There are many different opportunities at your fingertips to help you stay on track with your fitness journey: your fitfam, trainers, apps, and of course, self-discipline. 

But, it’s the holidays after all, right? All I want to do is sit in my pjs, eat cookie dough and cookie dough ice cream (do you see a pattern here?) all while watching Christmas movies. Is that so wrong of me? UH YEAH, ya weirdo. I didn’t work my hiney off all year to watch it be diminished in the blink of an eye. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very nice to indulge every once and a while—especially when your body is craving a particular food. However, don’t jump off the deep end and eat an entire roll of chocolate chip cookie dough. Believe me, you won’t feel too well afterward.

Utilize those fit-friendly opportunities to be your support system during this holiday season. For example, I’ve been chatting with some fellow #fitfam members of mine and we were discussing the “bad” things we ate just today. The sad part is, our “bad” is someone else’s “good.” The point is, #fitfam members hold you accountable for your holiday food choices. You both work your tail off in the gym together, so you should refuse to let each other succumb to the pressure of delicious sweets and filling carbs. 

Not to mention, I’m having some fellow  TruFit #fitfam members join my family and me for Christmas Eve dinner this year. Typically, my family lets their true Italian side come out—the stereotype is true, Italians know how to cook and we most definitely know how to eat. But knowing that we’re hosting a dinner with health-conscious people makes creating that holiday dinner menu that much easier. Not only are you sharing your goals with a fellow #fitfam member, but you’re sharing your holiday experiences. 

You want some form of pasta for dinner? SURE! Once a year isn’t going to kill you, but apply Golden Rule #4: Substitutions: Try whole-wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, definitely add veggies (yes, plural form meaning more than one) and even a salad-type appetizer. Not to mention last week’s blog had a delicious “healthier” Christmas treat recipe. I feel like substitutions might be one of the easier Golden Rules to Fit Holidays, because let me tell you, my couch is dang comfy (Golden Rule #3), but you won’t find me lounging on it until I’ve gone on a Christmas morning run (or jog). 

Did you know “fasted cardio” will jumpstart your metabolism for the day and help you burn those stubborn fat areas like your hips, thighs, and abdominal area? Fasted cardio is when you go for a quick 30min cardio session (in this case, a run or jog) first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, forcing your body to utilize yesterday’s meals and stored fat as your sources of fuel! Fasted cardio may not be an ideal fitness solution for you, but with the holidays in mind – it’s one of your better options!

Just because the holiday season is upon us, does not mean we have to reevaluate our fitness journey. At TruFit, our knowledgeable trainers teach us how to better prepare ourselves for the many delicious food temptations we are bound to encounter over the holidays. 

Maybe I should add Self-Discipline to the list while I’m at it. Holiday parties are a blast, but according to my trainers, they can be the reason your body fat percentage is growing this season. Moderation is key! And of course, self-discipline. You CAN do it!

I always help my family members with holiday meals, especially dinners. It helps me (and them) stay accountable for what’s put on the table throughout the day and for dinner. We all know Christmas Day and New Year’s Day call for a hearty breakfast, followed by constant snacking throughout the day, and topped off with the most carb-noxious dinner of all time. Carb-noxious?! Is that even a ‘real’ word? No red squiggly line appeared under it, so I’ll leave it! 

Being health-conscious when preparing for ANY holiday meal is way more beneficial than using this time of year as an excuse to throw your hard work out the door. And for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, it’s not like Chinese food is the best option, but it’s the only restaurant open. What’s a fit person to do? PLAN AHEAD, DUH! Don’t be lazy! It’s totally doable.

Have y’all ever heard of “My Fitness Pal” or the “Lose It!” apps? Best addiction of all time! These two apps allow you to input all your personal information: height, weight, age, gender, etc. Then it provides you with the proper daily caloric intake pertaining to your body and your goals. Not only does it provide you with your personal caloric intake, it also allows you to log and track your daily food intake! Convenient, right? What better way to be responsible for what you put into your body than having to log it each and every time? 

These apps even tell your intake percentages of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. #WINNING It sounds rather tedious, but it’s not. Once you’ve logged a particular food, the app remembers the food and the time of day you ate it: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Not to mention, the apps let you scan a food’s barcode and then—BAM!—the nutrition information is logged into your app in seconds. 

Technology is a beautiful thing, ladies and gentlemen. Aside from logging food, My Fitness Pal and Lost It! also allow you to log and track your exercise activities. Thus enabling you to possibly eat more protein-based food or show you how you just worked off that yummy chocolate chip cookie from last night’s holiday party. Best part? They’re both FREE!

SO PLEASE—I’m basically begging you—stay true to yourself and stay true to your fitness goals during this holiday season. There are plenty of fit opportunities or fit support from your fitfam to get you through those holiday temptations. Stop making excuses! Life is always going to complicate things! Make fitness a part of your lifestyle!  

We, at TruFit, are here to help you make that fitness lifestyle a reality. Come join our TruFitFam at TruFit where everyone is a part of your extended family! Our reviews speak for themselves! WE truly care about you and your fitness goals, especially for the New Year 😉 

Still have more questions? Contact us today to schedule your personal visit at one of our many clubs! We promise to make the visit worth your time!

We wish you the happiest of holidays! Hope to see you before and after the New Year!

-Peace, Love, and TruFit 

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