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Getting Back To Tru>FORM

TruFit clubs have finally opened back up after months of closures from COVID-19. You may be thinking to yourself, “YES, it’s time to get back to it!” But for some of us, that little voice in the back of our heads is saying, “but…what if I can’t keep up now?” Let’s face it, the past few months have been an emotional rollercoaster and keeping up with the usual workout routine has been a struggle for some. And, that’s okay because not all hope is lost.

If you haven’t been keeping up with your workouts at home, you may notice that some of your cardiovascular abilities have diminished and your initial few workouts may feel a little harder. What’s important is that you don’t lose focus on your fitness goals and continue to push forward.

The phrase “use it or lose it” does have some truth to it. Detraining happens when you haven’t worked out in a while, and occurs at different rates depending on your usual level of fitness. For example, one study found that new exercisers on a 2-month cycling regime lost all of the cardiovascular gains they made after taking an equal 2-months off. Those who have been exercising longer in the time leading up to a period of inactivity tend to lose their gains at a slower rate, and can vary depending on the unique physiology of your body. Regardless of where you were on your fitness journey before that all this happened, not all hope is lost!

Get Your Mind Right First

Before you get back in the gym, it’s time for some self love. We know it can feel intimidating to start back up, but remember that fitness isn’t just about a number on the scale. Instead, focus on all of the benefits fitness has like better heart health, deeper sleep, and improved mental health. Finding a way to get back into your routine can be tough sometimes, but setting and keeping to a schedule can be incredibly helpful.

Getting Back in the Saddle

One good thing is that it’s easier to recondition your body the second time. Use these tips as you get back into the swing of things to avoid injury and stay safe:

  • Listen to Your Body – Pushing yourself too hard too quickly can cause injuries and over-exertion. Instead, you’ll want to ease back into things, making sure to take breaks as often as you need them.
  • Schedule a Personal Training Session – If you’re not sure where to begin, working with a personal trainer can give you some of the guidance you need. When you find the right personal trainer, they will work with you to develop a plan you can feel comfortable with while also working towards any goals you want to set for yourself.
  •  Go Lighter – Specifically if you’re going to be weight training, start yourself off with lighter weights and fewer reps than you may have previously been doing. You’ll want to gradually increase the weight you’re using so that your tendons are able to regain their elasticity once again.
  • Add in Flexibility Training – By adding simple flexibility exercises into your routine, you’ll increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body. There are tons of ways to do this, like signing up for an easy yoga class or even doing exercise at home. Try using some of these simple exercises
  • Try Easy Cardio – Getting your cardiovascular system in check is important before participating in high-intensity workouts. Try going for brisk walks, hitting the elliptical or treadmill, or even spending some time on a stationary bike. As you start feeling more comfortable, you can increase your intensity.
  • Get Some Support –  If you can, go with a loved one to keep you company and help you stay motivated. If not, we’re offering socially distanced group exercise classes. Having peers around you working towards the same goal is a great way to stay motivated.

You Can Still Reach Your Goals

Just because it’s been a few months doesn’t mean your fitness goals are unachievable. What’s most important right now, is that you’re kind to yourself. COVID-19 has added stress to everyone’s lives, and there’s a lot of people just like you who have fallen out of their routine too. The most important thing is to get back on your feet sooner rather than later to stay happy and healthy until things go back to normal and beyond.

TruFit is here to help you get back on track and reach your fitness goals. Our clubs are now open with new guidelines to keep everyone happy and healthy. In addition to smaller, socially distanced classes, we have rigorous cleaning measures in place and our staff members are all masked up. Whether you like the one-on-one guidance of personal training, hitting the machines, or taking a class, TruFit is here for you!

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