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7 Foods that Boost Your Immune System

The spread of COVID-19 has made it more important than ever to look after your immune system and take extra precautions to avoid getting sick. The best ways to take care of your body right now are to exercise and eat right. Exercising and staying active helps flush bacteria from the lungs and increases white blood cell production, which is essential to a healthy immune system. Eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients combined with regular exercise strengthens your immune system like nothing else. Continue reading to learn about some of the foods you should incorporate into your diet for a strong immune system.


There’s a reason why people rush to eat citrus when they think they’re getting sick. Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, which is proven to boost your immune system. This is because vitamin C increases white blood cell production, your body’s defense against infections. It’s not just oranges, citrus fruits also include grapefruits, clementines, tangerines, lemons, and limes. Your body doesn’t naturally produce or store vitamin C, so it’s important to try and get this in your diet each and every day. Women should try to get 75mg each day and men should strive for 90 mg.


Garlic is good for more than just keeping vampires away, adding it to your meals has a wide variety of health benefits. This is because garlic contains a number of immune system-boosting compounds such as allicin. These compounds are great for boosting your body’s response to contagions and supporting white blood cells to fight off things like the common cold or even the flu. Using crushed, fresh garlic tends to work best if you’re looking to get the most health benefit from it.


In addition to being rich in vitamin C, spinach is packed full of antioxidants and beta carotene; both known to increase immune system function. Spinach is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, magnesium, and iron. To get the most from your spinach, eat it either raw or as lightly cooked as possible. Cooking your spinach for too long can actually cook out most of the essential nutrients in it. Try adding it into your smoothies, using it in your salads, or as a garnish on your favorite dishes.


Did you know that one cup of broccoli has as much vitamin C as an orange? This veggie is a  powerhouse of essential nutrients for your body high in B vitamins, iron, potassium, zinc, and beta-carotene. Broccoli is your body’s best friend when it comes to staying healthy, boosting immunity, and fighting off disease because it is full of antioxidants that fight off the free radicals that cause disease. 

Miso Soup

If you’ve been to a sushi restaurant, you’ve likely been served miso soup with your meal. This warm, delicious soup actually has some great health benefits. Miso is a paste made from crushed and fermented soybeans, rich in probiotics that benefit both the gastrointestinal and immune systems.

Fermented foods are bustling with microorganisms, which are essential to a healthy GI tract. Your gut houses about 70% of the cells that make up your immune system and fermented foods like miso help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in your GI tract. Miso is a great addition to any sauce or soup and an easy way to get some vitamins and minerals in your diet. Boiling it or cooking it on too high of heat can deplete some of its nutrients, so be sure to add it towards the end of your cooking for the most health benefits.


Ginger is another superfood you can add to just about any dish to boost your immune system defenses. This root is full of anti-inflammatory properties as well as antibacterial and antiviral fighting agents, great for keeping your immune system in check. Add this to a veggie stir fry or grate some into hot water and steep to make a healthy tea.


Vitamin E is essential for promoting a strong immune system, and almonds are rich in it. Vitamin E is fat-soluble, meaning fat has to be present for it to be absorbed. Nuts like almonds are rich in healthy fats that make it easy for your body to absorb nutrients. Adults need about 45 mg of vitamin E in their diet, and a half cup of almonds has your full daily value. They are also a great source of vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium.

Boost Your Immune System

COVID-19 has been described as a disease of the immune system, so finding ways to boost yours is incredibly important for fighting off the disease. Exercise and eating right are your best friends when it comes to a healthy immune system, so don’t take any shortcuts. The best time to start making these changes for a healthy life is today. TruFit clubs are open with increased health and safety measures in place so that you can get your workout in without having to worry about germs. Visit one of our locations today!

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