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5 Day Fitness Plan for Women

Usually, I start these things with a ‘Hey y’all!’ but today I wanna speak specifically to y’all ladies. As we have previously discussed, women’s bodies respond to workouts in different ways than men’s. Ladies, if you’re looking to maximize your results, sculpt your bodies, and burn calories quickly, follow this simple 5-day workout plan and for results you will start to feel and see.  

Day 1

3 Rounds:

3 minutes of cardio 

20 deep squats

2 mins of cardio

20 push-ups – it is acceptable to do push-ups from the knees!

2 minutes of cardio

20 crunches

Day 2

3 Rounds of:

3 minutes jumping jacks

20 Overhead presses – use your two weights and push as far as you can

20 jumping jacks

20 lunges

20 jumping jacks

20 sit-ups – place your arms overhead, and reach for the ceiling at all times, sit up completely

Day 3

3 Rounds of:

3 minutes of cardio

10 jump squats

20 mountain climbers – switch feet in “on your marks” position

10 jump lunges

20 mountain climbers

10 tricep presses – sit on a chair, place hands on the edge, and slide your butt off to dip and press out.

Day 4

3 Rounds of:

3 minutes of jogging on the spot (or other cardio)

20 front and side arm raises- use your 2 weights; keep the elbows rigid, lifting at the shoulders

20 lunge walks

20 jumping jacks

10 push-ups – knee push-ups are acceptable as well

20 jumping jacks

30 seconds plank hold – face down, prop your torso up by your toes and forearms

Day 5

3 Rounds of:

3 minutes of cardio

20 sumo squats – wide legs, toes pointing out

20 mountain climbers

20 bicep curls – use your 2 weights, curling the arm at the elbow

20 jumping jacks

20 tricep push outs – use your 2 weights, start with arms up, and hands behind your head, pressing to the ceiling.

And then every week after, repeat this plan. Soon enough you will be on your way to a fitter, happier, and healthier you. Remember, consistency is the key. Go get ‘em ladies! 

Peace, Love & TruFit

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