Who Should I Contact If I Have A Question/Issue Regarding My Membership?

Go to our contact page here.

Does My Membership Allow Me To Visit Any of Your Locations?

Most memberships do provide access to multiple clubs. Please check your club for details specific to your membership.

What is TruFit+?

TruFit+ is a member exclusive, workout streaming service available to TruFit Nation! Stream incredible workouts right from your phone, or cast to your other smart devices. You’ll get unlimited access to 100+ workouts ranging from Yoga to HIIT, all powered by world leader LES MILLS! With sessions as short as 15 minutes and as long as an hour, you’ve got an answer to all your scheduling challenges, right in the palm of your hand.

You can easily navigate through different workout genres and lengths. The best part, TruFit+ gets refreshed with NEW content every few months, so your workouts never grow stale, and you have what you need to keep moving forward!

How do I sign up?

Sign Up is easy, as long as you have our APP. Type in your membership details, log-in and access TruFit+ right from the bottom navigation bar. Once you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions, you’re off and crushing your workouts! It’s that simple.

What You’ll Need:

  • Member Number or Barcode
  • Email Address linked to your membership
  • Home Club Name

Once you’ve got that, you’ll create a password and get instant access! Need some details? Contact your local TruFit and a team member will get your information for you! https://trufitathleticclubs.com/locations

What if I’m not a TruFit member?

We’ve got just the solution! In anticipation of our launch, we’ve created a TruFit+ membership for those of us who can’t get to the gym or simply prefer to burn their calories at home or on the go. Check it out: https://trufitathleticclubs.com/enroll/?promo=trufitapp

Does TruFit+ cost extra if I’m a member?

TruFit+ access has been included for our members who are in month to month renewals as detailed in their most recent Member Memorandum. If you’re a member currently in agreement with TruFit, you can opt-in for 30 Days FREE to try TruFit+. When you love it, you can keep access for ONLY $1.99. TruFit+ retails at $14.99 for non-members. If you decide you’d rather come into our clubs, you can cancel TruFit+ any time.

Can Tru Fit Provide Receipts For Reimbursement Purposes?

Yes. If you need documentation of payments to your account, or your workout history, just ask us during your next visit to the club, or write us here.

What Is The Guest Policy / Are Day Passes Available?

A daily guest pass is available for purchase at all locations (contact club directly for day pass rate).

What Is The Club Annual Maintenance Fee?

The Annual Maintenance Fee is used to maintain our equipment and services. This fee is collected annually depending on the month you initially enrolled: check your membership agreement for details.

Can I “Freeze” My Membership?

Yes. If you qualify by having an active and current account and are not able to use the club for medical reasons, a temporary move, military service, or missionary service, Tru Fit can place your account on freeze. Verification is required to process the freeze.  Please contact your local club for any “freeze” questions/processing.

How Do I Terminate My Membership?

All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing either at the club or by certified mail to the club. Cancellations must be received 10 days prior (30 days prior in Texas) to your bill date. All past due balances will be collected at the time of cancellation. Please note that no longer using the facility, or closing of your billing account, does not constitute a cancellation.

Month-To-Month Membership

A month-to-month membership can be terminated at any time via written notification a minimum of 10 days prior (30 days prior in Texas) to your bill date. To prevent additional monthly billing, please notify us in writing at the club or via certified mail.

Monthly Term Membership

A Term membership that is paid monthly may not be canceled during the Term Period. If you die or become totally or permanently disabled after the date of this contract takes effect, you or your estate may cancel this contract and receive a partial refund on your unused membership fee by mailing a notice to the health spa stating your desire to cancel this contract. The health spa may require proof of disability or death by a U.S. Certified Board Physician. The member may also cancel the contract at any time after the date of this contract upon personally moving their domicile a distance of more than eight (8) miles from their current residence (as shown in this contract) and more than thirty (30) miles from any of our facilities as stated on this contract. In the event that the Member desires to cancel the contract because of or pursuant to either of the last two (2) reasons, the Seller is allowed to require proof acceptable to them of the ground or grounds under which you make the request for cancellation. As such Seller requires that the Member submit Seller herein Application For Cancellation, along with all necessary supporting documentation by certified mail, return receipt requested.

Do My Dues Change

Once your agreement term ends, your membership dues are subject to change without notice.

Prepaid Membership

If you do not renew your prepaid Term membership by the renewal date, your prepaid Term membership automatically expires. If your pre-paid membership has a monthly renewal you must provide cancellation of the monthly renewal 10 days prior to the bill date, in writing in the club or via certified mail.

What If I Am Moving Out Of The Area?

If you are moving your permanent residence more than 30 miles from any Tru Fit Athletic Club, you may be released from your term agreement prior to the term expiration date. However, this does not relieve any past due balances. You MUST provide acceptable, original proof of your new address (Utility bill, official military orders, etc.)  Please see your club to process your request.