Who Should I Contact If I Have A Question/Issue Regarding My Membership?

Go to our contact page here.

Does My Membership Allow Me To Visit Any of Your Locations?

Most memberships do provide access to multiple clubs. Please check your club for details specific to your membership.

Can Tru Fit Provide Receipts For Reimbursement Purposes?

Yes. If you need documentation of payments to your account, or your workout history, just ask us during your next visit to the club, or write us here.

What Is The Guest Policy At Tru Fit Athletic Clubs?

Anyone can utilize our facility on a daily basis for $15 per visit.

Are Day Passes Available At Tru Fit Athletic Clubs?

Yes. Day passes can be purchased for $15 per visit. Check your local club for details.

What Is The Club Enhancement Fee (CEF)?

The Club Enhancement Fee is used to maintain our equipment and services. This fee is collected annually depending on the month you initially enrolled: check your membership agreement for details.

Can I “Freeze” My Membership?

Yes. If you qualify by having an active and current account and are not able to use the club for medical reasons, a temporary move, military service, or missionary service, Tru Fit can place your account on freeze. Verification is required to process the freeze.  Please contact your local club for any “freeze” questions/processing.

How Do I Terminate My Membership?

All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing either at the club or by certified mail to the club. Cancellations must be received 10 days prior (30 days prior in Texas) to your bill date. All past due balances will be collected at the time of cancellation. Please note that no longer using the facility, or closing of your billing account, does not constitute a cancellation.

Month-To-Month Membership

A month-to-month membership can be terminated at any time via written notification a minimum of 10 days prior (30 days prior in Texas) to your bill date. To prevent additional monthly billing, please notify us in writing at the club or via certified mail.

Monthly Term Membership

A Term membership that is paid monthly may not be canceled during the Term Period.

Prepaid Membership

If you do not renew your prepaid Term membership by the renewal date, your prepaid Term membership automatically expires. If your pre-paid membership has a monthly renewal you must provide cancellation of the monthly renewal 10 days prior to the bill date, in writing in the club or via certified mail.

What If I Am Moving Out Of The Area?

If you are moving your permanent residence more than 30 miles from any Tru Fit Athletic Club, you may be released from your term agreement prior to the term expiration date. However, this does not relieve any past due balances. You MUST provide acceptable, original proof of your new address (Utility bill, official military orders, etc.)  Please see your club to process your request.