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Tru Fit is locally led by a hands-on ownership team committed and determined in combining years of industry experience to ensure stability & foundational strength.

As a company, our interest & operation is grounded in convenience, safety & quality. We understand value and experience are interchangeable. Its our daily goal to earn & keep your membership business by consistently providing elite programming, relevant dependable services & customized athletic facilities.

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Trufit Athletic Clubs Workout
Trufit Athletic Clubs Workout

The Tru Fit Way
We believe in the power of goal setting. That the past is who you were, not who you are. That exercising your option for TRU>Growth is necessary for the healthy future you deserve.


Right from wrong, good or bad, fit…or perhaps…not so fit. Your choice. We see life this way: choose healthy and the world will conspire to help you be more healthy. Choose lean and strong, and lean and strong will emerge from inside you. Choose happy and happy will come. You possess the power to have everything you want. You need only seek the right help and guidance and then trust and believe. We believe in believing. We believe in commitment and determination. We believe in knowledge. We believe no one gets there alone. We believe in making a goal whether it’s the tiniest of a tiny goal or the most gigantic unclimbable of mountains kind of goal. To run faster or farther, get stronger, breathe easier, live longer, smile bigger, anything at all as long as the goal is to move in a healthy direction…we believe in you. To choose a fit life. Choose having a reliable, accountable friend to get you where you want to go. Choose a lean, healthy, fit you. Choose a lean, healthy, fit life. It’s your choice. Live fit…True Fit.